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Pear, Arugula, & Prosciutto Pizzette

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Photos by Captivated Events & Photography

I could think of no better place to be this past weekend than enjoying the company of some new friends in the Highlands district of Denver, co-hosting, cooking, and drinking wine in a beautifully remodeled warehouse home.

This occasion was to celebrate the upcoming endeavor’s my friend Shauna is undertaking as she updates her business, Willow & Raven. You can expect good and tasty things coming from her soon {follow her on FB to get the updates!}

The theme was bringing the outdoors in for an industrial picnic.  I created  most of the savory elements of the night. Among other things, I made a bite-sized Pear, Prosciutto, & Arugula Pizzette that was one of the most simple, tastiest things I have ever made.

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  • Freshly sliced Prosciutto Di Parma
  • Fresh Arugula
  • Soft brined cheese {I used an incredible Italian soft, nutty, & creamy cheese from Whole Foods, which I totally can’t recall }
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • White flour
  • Freshly chopped Garlic
  • Pizza dough { I was able to grab my absolute favorite dough from my all-time favorite pizza restaurant Pizzeria Locale }

1. Sprinkle some flour over your work space and start rolling out the pizza dough. Use a Mason Jar ring, or a round cookie cutter to cut and portion the pizza into small, round, bite-sized shapes. Put pieces on a sheet pan that has been lightly brushed with Olive Oil. Make sure to brush the top of the pizettewith a little olive oil too.

2. Mince up your garlic and place 3-4 minced garlic pieces on each pizzette.

4.  Slice up your pear into thin slices,  and cover each pizzete completely with pear slices.

5. Pop those babies in the oven, make sure to follow the instructions your dough came with or just monitor closely. I put the oven on a high 500 degrees and let them bake for 10 minutes total.

6. After the dough has baked, top with your cheese, prosciutto, and arugula. Pizzete complete. I should have made twice the quantity, so be sure you make enough. Your guests will want more than one.

7.  This makes a damn good pizza too if you don’t want to do a bite-sized version.  Just sayin…

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